where to go on holiday?

Sure it should go to Mediterranean, where the wonderful weather, the blue sky and emerald sea are waiting for you. Here, the human civilization was born. Here unspoiled nature united with an ancient history.

Explore Montenegro

Highlights of Montenegro is its wonderful climate, beautiful coastline, dotted of delightful Venetian-era fortifications, home to excellent fish restaurants and wonderful panorama of the surrounding high mountains.

need some gentle sun?

We've hand-picked the best spots in the Med for that last minute getaway. Beach vacations are widely popular, and it's very easy to understand why. Mediterranean has a lot of a world-class rating of beach resorts.

touch antiquities

Almost every resort of the Adriatic there are well-preserved old city fortifications or castle dating back hundreds of years. Why not take a stroll and visit them with your children and get a good impression for a long time.

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Places To See In Your Lifetime

Best warm-weather destinationsBest vacation under the Med skyBest beach holidays

Best warm-weather destinations in Mediterranean

Experienced travelers recommend these places to inspire your next warm-weather beach vacation. On the island of Ischia, Italy and Crete, Greece, as well as the Budva Riviera, Montenegro the sun and relaxation are in ample supply. As a bonus, some of the destinations include the best beaches in Europe and a low cost vacation. Just be prepared to share the sea of green and weather paradise with others, especially in the peak summer months.

Crete, Greece. For the Greeks, Crete is Megalonissi (Big Island), the center of the spectacular ancient art and architecture. Fabulous, like the land of King Minos, it is a unique world, where civilization has millennium. From any point of view of travelers discover landscapes

Hvar, Croatia. The island of Hvar presents itself as the "sunniest island in the Adriatic Sea." Moreover, it has the numbers to back up this assertion.

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The most romantic places in Mediterranean

The most romantic places in Mediterranean

There can be no better place to travel for romance adventure or unforgettable honeymoon than the Mediterranean Sea and its islands. Whether you're relaxing at the best beach resort of Sveti Stefan at the Adriatic coast or strolling through the cobbled streets of Split, Croatia hand in hand, the slower pace of life in the Mediterranean is a very favorable time for couples. This is the best place for a romantic getaway in Europe

Santorini island. When your ferry from Crete fit closer to the shore of the island, you can see the village adorning Santorini cliffs like white geometric hive. You are in the caldera (volcanic crater), one of the truly spectacular sights in the world: a crescent moon rocks, towering 1,100 feet, with white clusters of Thira and Oia perched along the top.
Maybe you are planning a wedding ceremony on Santorini or other islands in the Mediterranean Sea? Welcome to paradise for honeymooners!

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An Iconic Holiday Destination for . . .

Best Mediterranean's places for a family holiday

The best Mediterranean's places for a family holiday

Traveling well with children and teenagers requires preparation, perseverance and patience, but it also helps if you are traveling with to child-friendly destination. Look for the endless sandy beaches of Rethymno, Crete, green forest and lake islands of Croatia or resorts of Kotor Bay, where the shooting movie "Game of Thrones" took place, among the best family-frendly vacation spots rated by Mediterranean's travelers. Read our blog of the best places in Mediterranean to travel with children.
Discover new destinations to the Mediterranean for a vacation for yourself and your children

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The best place to visit memorable walks in Mediterranean

Our travelers are choosing their favorite places to explore on foot, because there is nothing like walking around to slow down and immerse yourself in a new area. From the volcanic hills of the island of Ischia, Italy to the Europe's longest fortress walls of the Old Kotor, Montenegro, you will love strolling delightful town, walking in the footsteps of history and famous hiking footpaths through the grassy wasteland.
Kotor, Montenegro Old Kotor is a city unlike any other. No matter how often you've seen it in photographs and movies, the real thing is nothing more fabulous than you could imagine. Not for nothing the ancient which is often called "Little Venice".

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