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Old Dubrovnik

The Old Town of Dubrovnik The Old Town is packed with all sorts of attractions. Among the most famous is worth mentioning Maritime Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, the church of St. Blasius - patron of the city, the fountains of the famous Italian architect Onofrio de la Kawi, the oldest synagogue in Europe. Of course,…
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Rethymno - the most beautiful cities of Crete Western part of Crete is probably the most beautiful area of the island - the area of Rethymno, a place decorated with mountains, caves, golden sandbars in emerald sea. Familiarity with the works of the nature of western Crete will make a lasting impression on you: Psilorita mountain range…
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South Crete

Travel south from Rethymnon When spending the holidays in Rethymnon, you should not forget to visit the Gorge Kourtaliotiko. Kourtaliotiko gorge got its name due to the nature of its acoustics. If you make any loud sound, valley is full of numerous echoes, which resembles the sound of applause in the hall of the Royal…
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Agreco farm

Agreco - the traditional farm The farm Aggreko covers an area of 40 hectares near the town of Rethymno. The owner of the network Grecotel hotels bought the farm many years ago and revived on the farm is a traditional rural lifestyle that was in Crete for centuries.. The farm provides its guests with unique…
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