Brac Island

Brac, the most famous and beautiful of the Croatian islands. Brac has acquired the widespread popularity among vacationing tourists due to its unique beaches and an abundance of sunny days.
Brac was inhabited during the Bronze Age, all its peoples engaged in agriculture, viticulture and fishing. The ancient Romans were the first to produce white limestone quarries near the village of Pučišća, white stone that Brac is famous to this day, that was used for the construction of Diocletian's Palace in Split. They also lined the walls of the White House in Washington with the same stone.

Attractions of the island of Brac

Monasteries and churches were built on the island In the period of early Christianity, which attract many tourists today. The most famous sights of the island of Brac is monastic complex, carved into the rock on the slope of mountains, so-called "Desert Blaca", and a unique "Cave Dragon" 7 km from the town of Bol, on the walls of which are preserved bas-reliefs, where the image of the Virgin and angels adjoin dragons and other mythical creatures.
Also, the oldest settlement on Brac island village Shkrip is worth visitin. It has been transformed into an open-air museum where you can see the old houses, the ruins of a Roman fortress and ruins of buildings of later times.

The beaches of the island of Brac

The business card of the island of Brac is the most famous Croatian beach, pebble beach Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) with its unique pebble cape-shaped horns, which changes its shape depending on the wind direction and sea current. it is located in the town of Bol.
Beaches Banj and Vlacica are located in the city Supetar, they are well equipped with cafes and entertainment for children. Four kilometers from the village of Postira there is a beautiful sandy beach Lovrecina that is perfect for families with children.
Numerous tourists have long chosen the island of Brac as a unique place for a beach and outdoor activities.
Sport is represented on the island very well. There is not only an opportunity to engage in almost any water sport, but also rent equipment, or consult a qualified instructorFrom the "land" sports, football and tennis are popular.For children, many beaches have playgrounds and mini amusement parks.

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