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Dubrovnik is a typical place "must-see" for all tourists who appreciate cultural attractions. Dubrovnik, as well as Venice and Amsterdam is included in UNESCO's three most beautiful cities - monuments of the Renaissance in Europe. In general, the visit was not just to be, and it is imperative..
This city can tell a lot. We can say that it is a major port on the Adriatic Sea, which plays an important role in the Croatian economy. We can say that this is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, has a long, eventful history. We can say that this is the famous international resort on the Adriatic. All these qualities together and created an extremely attractive appearance of the city.

A little history

History of Dubrovnik rich in events. Already in the Middle Ages it flourished thanks to maritime trade, which was carried out from its port, and was the only city on the Adriatic coast, able to compete with Venice. Success in trade and clever diplomacy have done their job: the city's development in the 15th and 16th centuries has been impressive - built magnificent palaces, science and art flourished. For a long time, Dubrovnik was one of the centers of development of the Croatian language and culture.
Geographical location and climatic conditions were great - all this has allowed the city is considered the pearl of the Adriatic
The mild Mediterranean climate combined with surprisingly beautiful nature, filled with the breath of pine, cypress and laurel, as well as a continuous caress of sun and crystal clear, warm sea, which, according to Jacques-Yves Cousteau, is the cleanest in the Adriatic region have made Dubrovnik one of the the most popular resorts in the Mediterranean. A twelve Elaphite islands, elegantly stretched along the coast, Dubrovnik are irresistible decoration.
Rugged coastline has many quiet and picturesque bays and green park, where small tourist village are located, friendly and hospitable people who always welcome to its guests. By the way, this is one of the features of Dubrovnik, where all the campers are not tourists, namely the guests for the locals.

Dubrovnik area

Dubrovnik - a small town, which stretches along the Adriatic coast about 6 kilometers. In order to get from one end to the other, you need to spend a little more than an hour. Nevertheless, the city is divided into several areas. We say that the most interesting areas for travelers.
Old Town Dubrovnik (Pile) and the area of Ploce
The residential area surrounding the castle, the old town and stretching east to the outskirts of Dubrovnik, is called Ploce. It is believed that here are the best and luxury hotels. Banje Beach with a luxurious night club Eastwest Beach Club, located in the immediate vicinity, making Ploce even pompous. In short, the area for those who love luxury and wealth.

Dubrovnik - it is not only the old town

It can be long and hard to talk about the old Dubrovnik. This topic we have devoted a separate post. Here we spend more time on other areas of the resort.

Peninsula Lapad is located in the west of the historical center of Dubrovnik (Old Town). Lapad - the resort area of the city. The northern coast of the peninsula is washed by the picturesque Bay of Lapad, which is the largest self-titled popular beach with great service and infrastructure. The main area of the peninsula takes green wooded hill Petka, terminating to the south coast of Lapad. Lapad is suitable for those who are interested in a quiet, beach and rest without unnecessary movement around the city.
Babin Kuk
To the north of Lapad, there is another peninsula of Dubrovnik, which is released in its separate area - Babin Kuk. According to their arrangement, he is very similar to its neighbor. It is also exceptionally resort area, the main attraction of which is the popular beach of Copacabana (Copacabana).
Stunning views of the Elaphiti Islands and the beautiful bridge Franjo Tudjman open from the Babin Kuk peninsula. We recommend looking for a place to rest here for those who have the priority of a beach vacation with children.
Montovjerna Areas - Boninovo - the geographical center of Dubrovnik
These two small areas form a geographical center, in relation to which equal access are located both Old and New Town of Dubrovnik. Simply said, it’s the so-called «golden mean». Comfortably will feel here the person who wants to have time to see in Dubrovnik all that is possible, and ready to explore every corner of Dubrovnik, to visit all the beaches and parties. The closest beach to the inhabitants of these areas is - Bellevue.
Port Gruž
Gruž - Dubrovnik residential area, located within the main port city. The region has good infrastructure with a bunch of apartments, cafes, bars and shops. Here is the most important market of the city. The only drawback is the district Gruž relative distance from all the city's beaches and the port - is not the best place for swimming. In view of this, in Gruz offers an affordable price for hotels and apartments.
We offer you a short photogalery about different area of Dubrovnik.
Choose where you like best.

Dubrovnik's beaches

Thanks to the excellent environment, a wonderful climate and clean sea, the city is one of the most attractive resorts of the Adriatic coast.
Along the coast of Dubrovnik has settled many beautiful beaches. All of the beaches, as the selection, are crystal clear turquoise water of the noble colors of the Mediterranean. Another feature - all beaches are pebble. Just the Lapad beach has a nice sand in shallow water.
However, some of them can hardly be called beach. In Dubrovnik is considered as the beach, all from where you can descend into the water in any way possible: on the stairs with a stone slab, or jump off the rocks, or go to the bank, as usual.

Beach of St. James. This small beach was chosen by locals. In addition to the Mediterranean sun, you get a beautiful view of the Old City and the island Lokrum.
Buža Beach. Unusual layered rocky beach is located right at the foot of the city walls of Dubrovnik on the southern shore of the city.
Beach Betina. Little secret beach is located directly in the rock and you can reach it only by sea. Pluses are obvious - an unusual, beautiful and not crowded.
Nudist beach on the Lokrum island. A secluded rocky beach, where you can sunbathe on the rocks in the shallow equipped with stair descent into the sea
Lapad Beach. It’s one of the few sandy beaches in Dubrovnik. The convenient location makes it perhaps the most visited in the city. This sand and shingle beach with excellent infrastructure: there are showers, changing cabins, sun loungers, parasols, as well as various opportunities for active recreation. Along the promenade there are restaurants and cafes.
Banje Beach. Since then the most popular pebble beach in the city, and one of the most beautiful, by the way, beautiful views of Lokrum Island, the harbor and the Old City.
Copacabana Beach. Prior to the largest beach in Dubrovnik is not easily accessible, but there are fewer people and views of the Elaphiti Islands and the bridge Franjo Tudjman very beautiful!

Entertainment and nightlife

Rare tourist willing to deny himself the pleasure to visit Burbon street. This street consists of bars almost entirely. The most popular local establishments are: Hamingway - cocktail bar in Cuban style, Otok, Jazz bar, Gradska kavana - for those who like a quiet atmosphere, Rock Cafe - the name speaks for itself.
In the old Dubrovnik there are several popular discos. One of them is Italian and very loud - Divinae Folly. There is a local and simple, and even disco Esperanza Latino club near the Old Town. It is suitable for all age groups, in contrast to the Lazareti discos, where it is not necessary to go to “old men and old women” older than 25.

Cuisine and restaurants
The kitchen in this region abounds in seafood and meat dishes of lamb and lamb, its feature are the oysters from the Gulf area in the town of Ston and eels from the Neretva River. South Dalmatia is also known for its wines from the peninsula of Peljesac.
The most popular local restaurants are: Atlas club Nautika, Konavoski dvori, Villa Koriuna, Orsan, Komin, Eden, Domino.
Sitting in the Old Town restaurants, usually cost a bit more expensive, but unique atmosphere is worth it.

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