Hvar Island

To the south of the island of Brac is the largest island of Croatia - Hvar.
The island of Hvar is known as the sunniest island of the Adriatic (349 sunny days per year). The sun shines on the island of Hvar for 2718 hours (2600 hours compared to the average in the Adriatic).
It is better to arrive to Hvar in May and June, when delicate purple lavender and white-red-pink oleanders are in bloom. In addition, this time of the year there are less tourists, and prices are lower.
Beautiful nature and mild climate make the island of Hvar is an attractive resort.
The island of Hvar is famous for the fact that it is grown in large quantities of lavender., which has become a kind of symbol of the island and the most popular souvenir among tourists.
The island of Hvar, the longest (68 km) island of the Croatian coastal are, is known for its excellent climate. Hvar is the island of grapes, olives, lavender and numerous springs. The oldest in Europe, a bas-relief with the image of the ship was found on the island
On the island of Hvar you can find the oldest in Europe public theater, that was built in 1612 on one of the squares of the city. The Cathedral built in the Renaissance style of the original bell tower, with rich sacristy and paintings of old masters.

Attractions of the island of Hvar

The old town of Hvar was founded in 385 BC as a Greek colony Pharos. It is located at the bottom of the valley 6 km long. Here you can see the Greek walls, the palace-fortress of the Renaissance poet Peter Gektorovicha with a pond and arches.
The mild climate, the variety of the numerous coves, lush subtropical vegetation make Hvar island one of the most beautiful places for recreation and entertainment. Because of that Hvar is called "Croatian Madeira".
One of the most popular attractions of the island is the city of Hvar, surrounded by well-preserved massive medieval walls, built in the 16th century. It’s famous St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Archbishop's Palace, and the biggest in Croatia central square called Piazza, attract many tourists.
Another attraction of Hvar is a church and fortress of St. Mary, built in the 13th century in the town of Jelsa on the north coast of the island. It is interesting to see another historic town of Stari Grad on the north-west coast of Hvar. Here you can see beautifully preserved Roman reliefs and mosaics, as well as visit the early Christian church of St. John

Festivals & Shows

One of the most memorable events of the summer is the Summer Festival in the town of Hvar, which is held for 3 summer months, and is accompanied by concerts, performances by folklore groups and theatrical shows. Tourists enjoy the Wine Festival, held in late August in the town of Jelsa, as well as the festival "Night Fishing" in the town of Vrboska, where you can taste traditional dishes from fish and seafood.
Nightlife on the island of Hvar is also diverse. Fans of nightlife can visit a night club Carpe Diem in the town of Hvar,, as well as a large entertainment complex with a cinema Veneranda, a disco and bar. You can also visit a night club Vertigo in the city of Jelsa.

Beautiful beaches for a good holiday

Naturally, most travelers are choosing vacation on the island of Hvar because of its beautiful beaches. Basically beaches on Hvar are pebbled, but there are several excellent sandy beaches, for example, Dubovica near the village of Milna, or a sandy beach in the village of Sveta Nedelya that is in the southern part of the island. Popular tourist beaches Amfora and Hula Hula are located in the city of Hvar, rocky beach Bocic near Jelsa, pebble beach Soline near Vrboska.
Nudist beaches are mainly located on the neighboring islands, the most famous of them Palmizana beache and Jerolim on the Pakleni islands, reachable by water taxi.
The island of Hvar is also a place of active recreation on the beaches and hotel run sports clubs, there are several yacht clubs and diving centers, and a variety of entertainment for children.

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