Old Dubrovnik

The Old Town of Dubrovnik

The Old Town is packed with all sorts of attractions. Among the most famous is worth mentioning Maritime Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, the church of St. Blasius - patron of the city, the fountains of the famous Italian architect Onofrio de la Kawi, the oldest synagogue in Europe. Of course, the list would be incomplete without Marin Theatre Drzhik, Art Gallery and University Center.
Picturesque and romantic Lokrum Island, an aquarium in the old town, the market in the port of Gruz (you can always buy fresh fruit and home-made wine), the city park, the old city port (hence the tourist boats go to Cavtat, Plat and Mlini).
By purchasing an inexpensive ticket, you can get around the whole perimeter of the old town on the road, laid out at the height of walls. Just before the tour should stock up on water, as in the summer under the open sun is very hot.

We continue our virtual tour of the old Dubrovnik

Of interest are the city walls of Dubrovnik. This is not just a picturesque tourist attraction, and one of the most well-preserved town fortifications in Europe. His view of the wall acquired in the 16th century by the help of Italian architects and protective supposedly rescued the city from storms and pirates, built in the 15th century. Franciscan Monastery in Dubrovnik was founded in the 14th century. To this day the monastery buildings remained south portal, which is a fine example of architecture of that time. Furthermore, the Cathedral in the Baroque style appeared in the city in the 17th century, the interior of which is decorated with a picture of Titian's "Ascension".
Do not be amiss to say that the pharmacy that once opened the Franciscan monks, and operates to this day.

Talk about the old Dubrovnik's attractions

Despite the systematic fires, earthquakes and explosions of gunpowder, the prince's palace, built in the 15th century well preserved. Nowadays it is a museum with a very interesting collection on the history of the city of Dubrovnik. On the palace grounds is the only monument erected in the history of the Dubrovnik Republic - rich Pratsatu navigator, who bequeathed his entire fortune town. History is silent on why no longer put anyone monuments: either no one bequeathed, or simply the tradition was so.
One of the city's most famous attractions is the column of Orlando. At the top of the column has developed a flag of the Dubrovnik Republic, blown by the sea wind for four centuries. The column stands on the square with a strange name - Puddle.

There are several significant and simply beautiful buildings here on Puddle Square, which makes the whole architectural ensemble of very appealing and memorable.
Talk about the old Dubrovnik's attractions can be very long. Therefore, we offer you just take a virtual walk through the streets and squares of the city, seeing our gallery of photos. And if you like Dubrovnik, it's time to gather on vacation and see all the beauty of the city with their own eyes.

After the completion of filming in Dubrovnik series Games of Thrones, there was a joke:
If you have not been to New York City during rush hour, come to Old Dubrovnik!
You get a lot of impressions and will meet all of your friends from the United States.

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