Why Croatia?

Croatia is waiting for you

The country is, in fact, unique. Everyone comes here always find something to your liking. It is known that the holiday in Croatia has been popular ever since the Roman emperors who built their summer residences here. However, the real growth of the tourism Croatia experienced in the 20th century, when began to develop resort infrastructure. In place of the small seaside towns and fishing villages scattered along the coast, began to appear popular resorts in Croatia. Most large hotels have been built in the days of the Republic of Yugoslavia. Now the quality of the hotel corresponds to European standards. All the major tourist resorts have their own equipped beaches, cafes, restaurants, sports and SPA-centers.

For those who prefer a beach holiday ...

For some, Croatia - is first of all an ideal place for a beach holiday. And this is indeed the case. Clear Adriatic sea washing the Croatian coast, one of the most salty in the world, has a truly healing properties. Clean beach with white pebbles and absolutely wild rocky platform sloping down into the sea, can be found almost anywhere in the coast. There are a small number of sandy beaches, located mainly in the Northern, Central and Southern Dalmatia, and on some islands. All the beaches in Croatia are ecologically clean and well maintained, you can truly relax, unwind from the bustle of the city.

For those interested in history and culture ...

However, if you get bored just lying on the beach, you will be able to discover the unique culture and historical monuments of different eras. Almost every resort town breathes history. Croats carefully preserve its medieval churches, the ruins of ancient palaces, villas and castles. If you are staying in a small town you will always be offered a tour of the great historical places in Croatia: Pula, where you can see well-preserved Roman amphitheater Arena, the triumphal arch and the Temple of Augustus, a small medieval Porec, in the city of Split, who grew up on the site of the Imperial Palace Diocletian, into an unforgettable Dubrovnik, surrounded by massive city walls, this unique city-state in the Middle Ages competed in strength and beauty with the Venice.

Holidays on an Croatien island - why not ....

Vacation on the islands of Croatia is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. There are a huge number of islands in Croatia. More than 1,000 large and small islands is scattered along the entire coast, each of which is unique in nature. Among them are large and infested islands, such as Krk, Cres, Pag. But there is virtually uninhabited archipelagos like Kornati, and some small island inhabited by tiny Elaphite archipelago. Road traffic on most islands of Croatia is prohibited, so as not to disturb the ecology of these areas. By the way, Croatian residents prefer to rest it on the islands, leaving the coastal resorts of Croatia for foreign tourists.

Croatia - an ideal location for outdoor activities ...

In addition to those who prefer to relax on the beach or sightseeing tours, Croatia attracts more and more fans of the sport and active pastime. All water sports are well developed in Croatia.. Almost every resort town has its own marina and diving club, which can arrange a dive for beginners and professionals alike. Croatia is very athletic country. Almost every major hotel offers several different courts for volleyball, and basketball, and even a football field.
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