Crete - the island where the gods were born

Crete is the largest Greek island, the birthplace of Zeus and the tourist center of the Mediterranean. It is here, where one of the oldest civilizations was born- Minoan.
While archaeologists are engaging in excavations of palaces dating back to when King Minos ruled, tourists are visiting the ruins of Knossos labyrinth, where according to the legend lived the ancient Greek monster Minotaur.
In this region Turks, Venetians, Arabs made their mark on history: mosques, forts and monasteries of different eras coexist peacefully with each other.

A paradise for tourists

Crete island, lapped by three seas, has unique nature with a mild, Mediterranean climate - a paradise for tourists looking for an unforgettable experience and a real, comfortable stay. First-class hotels, relaxed yet very attentive service to all your needs will turn your vacation into a series of ongoing pleasures.
This is the ideal destination for fans of a quiet place for family holiday in a comfortable hotel while overlooking the pale turquoise sea.

Crete - is an area of health

You will find heavenly peace and privacy combined with a majestic, pristine nature of the island. The tourists who prefer active lifestyle will find all sorts of fun sports on Crete.

Spend your Holidays on Crete. It offers water sports, sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing. You can discover the wonders of the underwater world by taking scuba diving lessons. Many hotels provide the necessary service and equipment for everyone who wants to scuba dive. Beach activities include but not limited to volleyball, football. Crete also offers all kinds of water sports: Jet Ski Safari, Inflatable, Parasailing, Waterski - Wakeboard. These activities will help to improve your health while having fun time.

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