Agreco farm

Agreco - the traditional farm

The farm Aggreko covers an area of 40 hectares near the town of Rethymno. The owner of the network Grecotel hotels bought the farm many years ago and revived on the farm is a traditional rural lifestyle that was in Crete for centuries.. The farm provides its guests with unique insight in the field of cleaner production and preparation of simple and healthy food of the island.
Farm "Agreko" is a unique place where you can dive into the world of agricultural traditions of the island of Crete. Age-old traditions are assembled piece by piece and carefully preserved and maintained. The farm is a private property, covering an area of approximately 40 thousand square meters.
Visitors to the farm can observe an example of respect for nature with your own eyes. The farm successfully combines traditional methods of agriculture and livestock with the most modern technology.
If you are on a family vacation near Rethymno, be sure to visit the farm "Agreko". On the farm you can find not only the olive groves and fields, grown organically, but also a zoo with a lot of different animals and birds. They are like your children.

Farm buildings look as if built yesterday.

Buildings located on the estate are of typical Cretan and Venetian architecture of the XVII century. The visitors can explore olive and wine press, a water mill, a huge pot to haul grapes. On the farm there is even a village square with the church and the grocery store. Guests have the opportunity to take part in the economic life of the farm: to bake bread or participate in the preparation of cheese, to help owners in the pressing of grapes or olives, or grind wheat in an old stone mill. All products are grown on the farm and then delivered into the kitchen of the local tavern, which serves national dishes from a century-old recipes.

Gastronomical days & wedding in romantic style

Your visit to Agreko farm would not be complete without dinner at the Tavern Farm, where the chef prepares traditional Cretan dishes, based on organic produce grown directly on the farm. On the farm there are often held gastronomical days with refreshments serving Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.
The farm is very popular during the holidays and weddings, not only among the Greeks. Very often Europeans and the Americans organize their weddings in romantic Greek style on the farm.

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