Rethymno - the most beautiful cities of Crete

Western part of Crete is probably the most beautiful area of the island - the area of Rethymno, a place decorated with mountains, caves, golden sandbars in emerald sea. Familiarity with the works of the nature of western Crete will make a lasting impression on you: Psilorita mountain range with the highest point of Crete, the cave Sentoni with unique stalagmites and stalactites, and of course, the best on the island of sandy beach stretching for 15 kilometers.
Among the mountain landscape, flowering trees, golden beaches lies a complex of high-class hotels. The terrain is incredibly beautiful, the air is clean and transparent with picturesque surroundings and atmosphere of peace and serenity. To the west of the district center of Rethymno stretches for kilometers strip of deserted beaches with clear waters and traditional villages, whose residents carefully preserve local customs, as well as the appearance and charm of their homes.

The medieval beauty of historical sights

The history of the city dates back to the era of the Minoan civilization. Rethymno Province reaches the peak of its prosperity in the XVI century, when the Venetians turned the city into a literary center. City still retains the glory of the intellectual capital of Crete. Rethymno is loved by many tourists, because here you can find everything you dream of: the medieval beauty of historical sites combined with a modern infrastructure, quiet Venetian streets transformed into a lively waterfront with plenty of fish taverns, restaurants, cafes and designer shops. Serene vacation by daytime changes into to vibrant life by night.

The Venetian port of Rethymno

Old Venetian Harbour is the heart of Rethymno. The most romantic atmosphere in the Venetian port of Rethymno - a favorite vacation spot, locals and tourists alike. It is a place of contrasts. On one side is a noisy cafe, on the other side fishermen quietly dismantles their fishing gear on embankment.
The old Venetian houses are side by side with modern city life. And finally, be sure to visit Rethymnon in the evening, when the city is transformed, lit with thousands of lights, night bars, discos and an incredible nightlife that boils until morning hours

The buildings of the old Venetian port of Rethymno attract tourists not only during daylight hours. Forms of the old port piers, lighthouse and fishing schooners especially beautiful at sunset and in the light of night lights

The Taverns of Venetian port

Taverns of the Venetian port are worth mentioning. Crete is a divine island, lapped by the Mediterranean Sea. This is not only a popular destination for a beach holiday under the warm Greek sun, but also a place of worship for the gourmet traveler.
The Greeks are very fond of good food and know how to expertly prepare it for a variety of recipes, often hereditary.If you do not believe me, then ask any local resident, what his favorite dish. As he tells the crowd gather around other citizens, each of which is willing to share his recipe. In fact the Cretans honor the food and always fun to talk about it for a long time.

It is particularly interesting to wander through the old streets of Rethymno in the evening when the city disappears into night lights. And of course every tavern offers to try something tasty.
Rethymnon can really be called one of the most beautiful cities of Crete, and possibly the whole of Greece. Fans of cultural leisure will find many interesting places, because the Old City looks more like an outdoor museum.

See our other publications about the sights of Rethymnon and you will surely fall in love with this place and will definitely want to come here on vacation.

So Rethymno awaits you!

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