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Rethymno - very pleasant town

The streets of the old Rethymno begin from the Venetian port. In the quiet streets of the old town, you can wander for hours with your family or alone. In any case, you get a lot of fun. Actually Rethymno is sometimes called the Venice of the Greece, because In the Middle Ages the Venetians held sway here and a lot since then, as often happens in Greece is left virtually intact. And the small narrow streets, quiet backwaters and the harbor, the lighthouse and the castle and much more.
This small picturesque town is very rich history. The oldest archaeological remains of these places belong to the late Neolithic period (3500-2800 BC.).
Now the city of Rethymnon keeps the spirit of two of their conquerors - the Venetians and the Ottoman Turks. Rethymnon is located on the seashore, and on the south side it is protected by the mountain Vrisinas, height 852 m

Old Rethymno - Crete mirror

It seems that in the narrow streets of Rethymno eternity meets modernity. And it is very difficult to know where one ends and another begins. Therefore, to walk the streets of the old town of Rethymno can be infinite, revealing at every turn is something new for yourself. Old Town - a place where eternity is connected to our days.
Tiny but cozy restaurants located in the narrow streets and in the courts of connecting two adjacent, small souvenir shops, as well as possible and convey the spirit of peaceful rhythm of life Rethymnon. Take a stroll with us through the streets of the old town!

The local variety of shops is amazing. One gets the feeling that Rethymno has everything from simple souvenirs to clothes from top fashion designers, cars and real estate. The city is the largest university on the island of Crete. And in the summer of Rethymno is famous for its festivals that take place here with enviable frequency.
Retimno, Crete – the Mediterranean as it once was. You will enjoy visiting Crete and spent happy days here for their holidays

Walking through the old streets of Rethymno you can meet a lot of interesting.
Opposite the main gate of Fortezza is the Archaeological Museum of Rethymno, which would be founded in 1887. The museum is located in a building built by the Turks to protect the main gate of the fortress, and contains exhibits ranneminoyskoy, Minoan, pozdneminoyskoy, geometric, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman eras. Among the exhibits of the museum such finds as the famous statue of the Goddess of Pankalohori, a bronze statue of the young men, the double ax, clay Larnaca with fancy patterns, printing of Monastiraki, Roman lamps, helmet pozdneminoyskoy era, gold ornaments, a statue of Aphrodite, the figurines found in Axos and Melidoni , sculptures, coins and exquisite pottery. No less popular is the Historical and Ethnographic

Museum of Rethymno is located in the Venetian mansion of the XVII century on vernadite street. The museum displays tools weaving, embroidery, costumes, lace, ceramics and metalwork. All of the museum are divided into themes and are located on two floors of the building, the remarkable architecture of its own. Also worth a visit in Rethymnon Rimondi Fountain (Rimondi) in 1626, consisting of three estuaries in the form of lions' heads, from which the water flows in the three reservoir, above which rise four columns with fluted. At the top of the fountain and the written word LIBERALITATIS FONTES. The fountain is situated on the square of plane trees (The intersection Mesologiou, Moshovitu and Arabatzoglou).

Taking a walk through the streets of Rethymnon, it is impossible not to draw attention to the fact that many houses are still decorated with various portals of the Renaissance. But the most romantic atmosphere in the Venetian port of Rethymno - a favorite vacation spot, locals and tourists alike.
On the old Venetian port, we'll separately

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