South Crete

Travel south from Rethymnon

When spending the holidays in Rethymnon, you should not forget to visit the Gorge Kourtaliotiko.
Kourtaliotiko gorge got its name due to the nature of its acoustics. If you make any loud sound, valley is full of numerous echoes, which resembles the sound of applause in the hall of the Royal Theater. Often these sounds arise by themselves. Some people find these sounds resemble claps sails in the wind. It is believed that these claps emit gusts of wind, erupting through the gorge from Africa.
In the gorge Kourtaliotiko there is the church of St. Nicholas Kurtaliotskogo that was built in 1838. Legend has it that the saint saved local farmers from the drought, Righteous Nicholas opened the rock, and opened many springs that formed the waterfalls.

The southern coast of Crete

The southern coast of Crete, facing in the direction of Africa has mostly mountainous character. The mountains are covered with heather and pine groves. On the southern coast of Crete, with views towards Africa is predominantly mountainous character. The mountains are covered with heather and pine groves. But the green and flowering period is very short slopes. The hot wind from the Sahara dried plants and spring moisture evaporated from the soil.
The southern sea gate of Crete is the Libyan Sea with clear water. Many birds nestled here, raise chicks, chirping merrily. Local grass coast known worldwide for its diversity and healing power: Cretan Tulip, the Cretan Saffron and many other plants – a part of the unique ecosystem of the southern Crete.
The special charm of the mountains south of Crete is the goat Kri-Kri. The Kri-Kri is the only wild goat species still living in Crete.
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