Oia - city of romantic sunsets

In the north-west of the island lies the picturesque town Oia. Oia is competing for title to be the most beautiful place of the island and compete for the title from the island's capital - Fira. Some residents of Oia do not agree with this view, and believe Oia the most beautiful village in all of Greece.
For example, in 1981 Oya won first prize in Italy took place in the villages of European competition with the best of traditional architecture! At the time of the Homeric dialect word Oia then it meant "remote", "isolated".
Of course, having arrived at the most romantic island in the world, you do not want to spend all the time lying on the beach. Fortunately, the rest of Santorini is quite diverse: active, beach, sightseeing, etc..

Very often the couple come to the island, dreaming of an unforgettable honeymoon. It is also not uncommon to have a wedding on Santorini, because choosing a place for the ceremony is quite simple - almost every corner of the island imbued with beauty and romance. For example, during the wedding, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea or even on an extinct volcano.

The village of Oia, which faces south, is in the north-west of Santorini. The main pedestrian street is laced with lots of alleys, rounded at the top of the cliff. The village from the east side (Perivolas) to the west (Goulas) is about 3 km, although in terms of the settlement is not more than 300 m. If you look at Oia above, you can see some features of urban planning. Large mansions of the wealthy population with a skilled neoclassical ornament are mainly in the upper part, and a cave structure type - at the bottom, along the cliff, lying at a distance from Phoenicia farmers.

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