Fira (Thira) - the capital of the Santorini

The Fira (Thira), located in the western part of the island is famous for its magnificent sea views. It is a beautiful business city with picturesque white houses, old bridge and the streets which rise above the ancient arches. There are alleys of shops, bars and taverns, some of them have balconies.

You will have unforgettable experience, if you go down 500 steps to the ancient port of the narrow, cobblestone streets. Walking here at night, you can see all the wonderful places in the city. Explore The Dash, the Archaeological Museum. Alternatively, you can book a boat tour to the volcano "Neo" and Palia Kameni.

The main town of the island has distinguished architectural style, even compared to other Cycladic islands. Here, more than anywhere else you can find buildings with vaulted ceilings and domes. Imagine this: a dazzling white houses, broken only by the blue-domed monasteries. One of the churches - Agios Mina –is built on the edge of a cliff. Far beyond the borders of the country, the island of Santorini is always recognizable. Houses and small hotels of Thira amphitheater clinging to the steep slopes of rocks like swallows' nests. Tourists always catch the thrill of living in traditional Cycladic houses. You can sit at a table on the terrace, leisurely sipping wine and watching the sunset from the hill!

Thanks to Bonofloro for kindly providing photos

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