Aragonese Castle

Fantastic Castle, Ischia

Silhouette of the Aragonese Castle, which towers over the town of Ischia Ponte, looks so natural that it seems as if the castle has grown from a huge rock, which has become his footstool. In fact, it is certainly not the case. Created by the hands of skilled craftsmen who skilfully fit it into a landscape of volcanic rock, the first castle on the site appeared in the V century BC: it was built by the ancient Greeks, who had already noted a good location lonely rock near the island of Ischia.

Consolidated at the top of a high rock, Aragonese Castle towers over a small island located in the immediate vicinity of the larger island of Ischia, which is now a popular resort center. On Ischia castle stone bridge connects the XV century, a length of 220 meters. The rocky foundation of the island on which the castle is of natural origin and is solidified magma accumulates here for a long time as a result of volcanic activity.

The highest point of the castle is situated above the sea at an altitude of 113 meters, and it covers a surface area of ​​about 56 000 square meters. To get to the castle, you can walk along the trail mules or use the modern lift, which was installed in the late 70's. The trail winds through the first tunnel in the rock, pierced in the middle of the XV century on the orders of Alfonso of Aragon, and then moves on to the street, is not resulting in the highest part of the fortress, where the watchtower is. The rest of the streets serving for the passage of the buildings and gardens of the citadel, branch off from this main street. Lift height of 60 meters above sea level and it is laid straight through the rock.

At that time, the castle must have been impregnable, and to defend it can be years. Now the Castle of Ischia Ponte and combines stone bridge at the mall on both sides of which rest the people - someone bathed, someone tans, rhythmically rocking on the waves of the azure boats and boats.

To get to the Aragonese Castle, can be through the tunnel; illuminates the tunnel conventional fluorescent light passing through a specially Realized in the walls of the hole. The tunnel is also a small chapel, built in honor of St. John-Joseph, the patron saint of the island. Those who are humble delights of stone tunnels seem too primitive, it is recommended to use a modern elevator.

Arches, floors, flowers, tourists. Little is recalled that earlier in this castle was a monastery klarissinok.
Aragonese Castle is located on the hill, so it offers a breathtaking view on Ischia, and the sea, and the neighboring islands. In addition, there is the beautiful gardens, where you can just walk.

Thanks to Bonofloro for kindly providing photos

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