La Mortella

Botanic garden La Mortella, Ischia

La Mortella gardens were created in 1958 by Lady Susana Walton, wife of Argentine origin of the English composer Sir William Walton. The gardens are located at Cape Zaro in Forio in Ischia.
Waltons family settled on Ischia shortly after their marriage in 1949. At first, they rented a house, but then decided to buy the land at a place called Le Mortelle - on behalf of the myrtle bushes (Myrtus communis) growing between the rocks. Thus, their estate was called La Mortella.

Lady Walton created a garden for more than 50 years, beginning with the help and advice of the English landscape designer Russell Page, and later on the tip of their own inspiration.
Gardens of La Mortelle very popular place among tourists and travelers Ischia. Even Prince Charles has given his time to worship the beauty of the garden.

Talk about a beauty that is born by human labor, the case is empty.
It is best to come to Ischia on holiday and visit this wonder of nature, take a walk along the garden paths and breathe its air!

Thanks to Bonofloro for kindly providing photos

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