Thermal park

Thermal parks and springs of Ischia

Despite the many fascinating attractions and surprises, the main hallmark of Ischia are the hot springs, in which water is full of nutrients: minerals, bicarbonates, sulfates and the like. Total on the island are more than 300 sources, which can be divided into two groups:

- Thermo - hot springs with water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius;
- Hyperthermal - sources, in which the water temperature rises to 80 to 100 degrees Celsius.

Every year, many people come to the island of Ischia, in order to improve their health. It is the healing properties of mineral springs attracted people from all over the world. Even the famous Neapolitan cuisine, which is dominated by seafood, is less attractive to tourists than the thermal waters.

Thermal park Poseidon

Thermal park "Giardini Poseidon" is located in Forio Bay Citara known worldwide as "the eighth wonder of the world", is under the protection of UNESCO.
In the landscaped grounds are 22 thermal pools with constantly updated water, unique in their chemical composition, sauna in natural grotto, Japanese bath.
It is unique in its kind center of relaxation, rehabilitation, rejuvenation, stress relief, tiredness - with it, without drugs and medical procedures.

All Ischia is a thermal spa

It should be noted that the thermal waters of the island has almost everywhere. Almost every hotel offers good thermal and spa protsedury.Poetomu can assume that the entire island of Ischia is a thermal spa.

Natural thermal springs

Output of thermal waters of the island there is a wide variety of locations. There are many places where the groundwater is coming to the surface in vivo and to use such sources is completely free. Therefore, many tourists prefer to use the free hot springs instead of access to the thermal park of Poseidon at the other end of the island. That is, everyone has a choice: to receive spa treatments in your hotel, go to the Poseidon park or dip in a hot spring, which rises from a natural cave.

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