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  • Thermal park

    Thermal parks and springs of Ischia Despite the many fascinating attractions and surprises, the main hallmark of Ischia are the hot springs, in which water is full of nutrients: minerals,…

  • Ischia

    Ischia island To the west of Naples, in the Tyrrhenian Sea is a small archipelago, which the main islands are Capri, Ischia and Procida. Ischia - the largest island of…

  • La Mortella

    Botanic garden La Mortella, Ischia La Mortella gardens were created in 1958 by Lady Susana Walton, wife of Argentine origin of the English composer Sir William Walton. The gardens are…


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Family Holidays in Italy

If you wish to relax in a family with children, many people prefer to visit Italy. Most of the resorts in this country offer excellent facilities for a family holiday. For example, rest on the islands of Italy is made up of entertainment for tourists visiting the restaurant facilities, leisure at the clean beaches, swimming in the pools, rides and other entertainment for children.

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Thermal park Poseidon

Visit the thermal springs of Ischia

Output of thermal waters of the island there is a wide variety of locations. The most famous of these is the thermal park Poseidon Gardens. However, there are other places where the groundwater is coming to the surface in vivo and to use such sources is completely free. Therefore, choose to your taste.

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