The best resorts

The best resorts of Montenegro

If you want to relax and improve their health, the health resorts of Montenegro enable to gain strength, get a lot of positive emotions and a good time.
In summer it is warm, as the temperature on the coast is from +25 to +30 degrees. During the summer months the water in the Adriatic is very comfortable, about + 26 degrees. Very useful for a vacation in Montenegro, people with respiratory problems, as the sea air of the foothills has a beneficial effect on health.
The country attracts tourists resorts with vast sandy beaches that are always clean and well maintained. Along the coast are excellent hotels, where tourists will be provided by the European service
Going on vacation in Chernogiyu, need to know what the best resorts of Montenegro - Budva, Becici, Sveti Stefan, Herceg Novi and others, always ready to accept you in any season. But especially they are good from May to September

The resort Budva

For those who want to have fun and to learn what Montenegro resorts with sandy beaches, for example, Budva is ideally suited. Here tourists waiting for cafes and restaurants, discos and night clubs, a lot of beach activities and good mood. This may come tourists, who want to use a vacation with comfort and pleasure. This is a youth resort center, where no one can get bored. Today, the resort of Budva is considered very fashionable trend.

Resort Becici

Resort Becici, which is located adjacent to the Budva bay can be recommended for families with children and people who prefer quieter beaches in Becici covered with small colored pebbles, walking on which can be useful for adults and children. Becici beach tourists enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, hold competitions in water sports. In the evening there may also be a great time in the cozy pubs and bars, go on excursions to Budva and Koror and visit the sights.

The resort Sveti Stefan

The most fashionable and prestigious resort of Sveti Stefan is. It is an island where there are hotels, which appears to be a fishermen's houses, but within striking for its luxury and convenience. In summer it is very nice, as the temperature reaches 30 degrees, so many world-class stars are coming here, because Montenegro, vacation resorts - this is St. Stephen. The beach is located on the isthmus that connects the island to the mainland and is considered one of the best in the world.

The resort of Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is famous for its excellent climate, beautiful green landscapes, lots of attractions and good conditions for treatment.
In Herceg Novi there are many hotels and boarding houses, and rent an apartment or room can be on almost every street.
Most restaurants and bars are located on the city's waterfront, but further away from the coast, in the small streets, you can find a very cozy and cheap cafes.
7 km from Herceg Novi, Igalo is located in the town of the country's largest health-rehabilitation center.
The neighborhood of Herceg Novi, as well as the coast of Kotor Bay, pose a variety of attractions and scenic spots. Poretomu resting here is to rent a car and explore the neighborhood. For example, look to the nearby Koror with its ancient fortress.
Directly at the resort of Herceg Novi beaches, mostly concreted small. Some of these areas are interspersed with small pebbles.
The best beaches are located on the island of Mamula, access to which is possible only by boat, and near Igalo. From May to September the water near the shore warms up to 25 degrees.

So, if you want to know what it looks like Montenegro, you can get a first impression, seeing the top resorts photo on our blog. We believe that this information will dostochno to vybratpodhodyaschee and affordable destinations for their holidays and Montenegro, its resorts and beaches in reality will give you the opportunity to experience not only the beauty and charm of this region, but also to know the people, which perfectly prepare and organize your quality vacation . Come to the resorts of Montenegro to the sea, the price is very affordable and accessible!

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