St. Stefan resort

St. Stefan resort

Sveti Stefan Island - one of the most expensive resorts in Montenegro. There are 58 luxury apartments, including 8 of the world-famous villa Milocer. The beaches on the island with a total length of about 2 kilometers and consists of beautiful pink sand. On the island is connected to land a small isthmus of reclaimed gravel layers, which in itself is a unique phenomenon - the isthmus is natural, not artificial.

The history of the island of Sveti Stefan

The history of the island and the resort Sveti Stefan is very long and interesting. So we're just very briefly tell about the main thing.
The island was first settled in 1442. Villagers Petrovichi then defeated the Ottoman army, which was returning from a successful raid on the town of Kotor and recaptured much good. In honor of this fortress built on an island, and St. Stephen's Church.
During the reign of the Republic of Venice, the island was an important transportation hub and protect the bay from the sea.
Then, a long time St. Stephen island has turned into an ordinary fishing village. For many years, the decline has come.
During the time of Yugoslavia, it was decided to restore the island. The last 20 residents moved to the mainland, and Sveti Stefan has become a luxury resort. Old buildings at the same time tried to keep. For several years, the island was one of the most prestigious resorts in the world. Here, visited by many celebrities.
After the breakup of Yugoslavia the war broke out. On tourism and the island had to forget partially abandoned. Restoring the island began in 2007 alone. Money from the government was not, and because the island leased for 30 years a large chain Aman Resorts luxury hotels. Island began again to take the wealthy guests in 2009.
For several years the island has been completely closed to visitors - to get here could only guests or restaurant reservations.
Since 2014 the island is sometimes guided tours.
Who is St. Stephen island, as before, rest the rich and famous

Villa Milocer

One of the main attractions of the resort of St. Stephen is considered villa Milocer. It was built in 1934 and was the summer residence of the King of Montenegro.
Near the villa, you can see two beaches with pink sand - Beach King (entry 50-70 euros) and Queen's Beach, which is generally closed to the public and is intended only for guests at the villa.
Next to the villa Milocer can see "21" - the most expensive on the Adriatic coast. Room rates are generally determined only by auction and generally reaches colossal sums.

Famous guests Sveti Stefan resort

On the island of St. Stephen and Villa Milocer regular rest celebrities Here you can see the Hollywood stars, famous musicians or successful businessmen. We try to list a few of the most famous guests of the resort:

  • Orson Wells - the famous actor, screenwriter and director
  • Elizabeth Taylor - a famous actress, "Queen of Hollywood" period of its heyday
  • Sophia Loren - the famous Italian actress and singer
  • Margaret - Princess of Great Britain
  • Carlo Ponti - the classic Italian and world cinema
  • Ingemar Stenmark - Olympic champion skier from Sweden
  • Kirk Douglas - an outstanding American actor
  • Boris Spassky - 10th World Chess Champion
  • Bobby Fischer - the 11th world chess champion and the best player of the XX century
  • Andrea Bocelli - the famous Italian singer
  • Novak Djokovic - the first racket of the world
  • Claudia Schiffer - German supermodel
  • Sylvester Stallone - a famous American actor
  • and many other VIPs

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