City of Budva and its surroundings knowingly received the name of Budva Riviera. Holidays in the resorts of Budva Riviera meets all European standards of comfort. It is the largest resort area in Montenegro, which soak up the wonderful beaches of tourists come from all over Europe, in anticipation of the natural beauty, stunning beaches of the Adriatic Sea and the quality of service of local hotels. Residents of Budva good-natured and hospitable.

The resort of Budva, Montenegro

Budva - one of the oldest settlements in the region: a century of history is embodied in numerous monuments of architecture and culture. This color does not go unnoticed - which year Budva (Montenegro) is a favorite destination for beach holidays during the summer and early autumn. It is also important that the cost of travel to Budva on a small vacation, making the resort accessible to many recreation.
In the resort. Budva vacation and fun does not stop, day or night: restaurants, bars, karaoke, nightclubs are open until late at night, attracting visitors delicious dishes, local beer foam or flavored brandy, incendiary entertainment and uncontrolled dance.

Sights of Budva worth seeing

Holiday in Budva includes also a rich cultural program. There is something to see. Old Town (Montenegro, Budva) offers the highest concentration of landmarks and buildings, perfectly demonstrate all the elegance of Mediterranean architecture. Church of the Holy. Trinity, St. John, St. Mary, Archaeological Museum, Plaza poets ensemble Sveti Stefan definitely worth a visit.

Affordable beach vacation in Budva

Holiday in Budva - this is almost 12 000 km of amazing beaches, each of which is like a pearl, is enclosed in a beautiful natural skin: cozy coves and bays framed by high cliffs and steep peaks, covered with a variety of greens. This natural wealth is nice Montenegro (Budva) - beaches at the same time it is one of the true treasures. Sandy, pebble and stone, they give bliss and relaxation and sunbathing tourists combine with sea swimming in the azure water of the Adriatic Sea, known for its purity and transparency (many beach areas are the holders of the Blue Flag). It should be noted such beloved by our travelers (Montenegro, Budva) Mogren beaches like, surrounded by steep cliffs, Jaz (in a remote part of his rest nudists), Trsteno, ideal for children and Slovenska Beach - the most extended throughout the country

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