Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi Resort

Herceg Novi - a well-known resort in the southern part of the Adriatic Sea at the entrance to Boka Bay, known as the 'botanical garden in Montenegro, "because it grows a lot of relict trees and shrubs. The resort is suitable for families with children and those who want to improve their health.

A little history

Herceg Novi - one of the coastal towns of Montenegro. His story, like the story of many Balkan cities, full of dramatic events and its architectural shape is formed by numerous and diverse rulers. And these were the rulers of many, since the city was founded by King Tvrtko I in 1382, and excavations have shown that people settled here in ancient times

Treatment in Herceg Novi

In Herceg Novi, Igalo is located - the largest center of physiotherapy, rehabilitation of health, preventive medicine, volnoterapii and spa treatment in the Mediterranean basin. Institute "Igalo" has received worldwide recognition thanks to the successful treatment of many diseases. There are wonderful conditions for recreation and relaxation: a mild Mediterranean climate, clean sea, therapeutic sea mud, mineral water springs "Igalka", as well as modern equipment and qualified personnel.

Activities and attractions

Embankment several kilometers long, along which there are numerous cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes. The park, which grows more than a hundred species of subtropical and tropical plants, as well as many species of mimosa, National History Museum and Art Gallery. In the Bay of Kotor is the island of Mamula with an old Austrian fortress, the famous Blue Cave, where entire small boats come and a lot of artificial caves, shelters for submarines since World War II.
Several forts and bastions of the city is very interesting and famous in their own way. Sea Fortress (Forte Mare) built by the founder of the city of King Tvrtko I in 1382 and is one of the most popular tourists attractions. Kanli Kula (Bloody Tower) was built by the Turks during the Ottoman reign, long used as a prison, and even now it is kind of dark thoughts. At the same time the mosque was converted and the Church of St. Michael the Archangel in the Bellavista area. The Austrians built in the 19th century town hall with the astronomical clock, it is an architectural dominant of the city center and its undoubted decoration


The beaches at the resort is not the best, quite often it's just a concrete slab, but to good sandy beaches can be reached by boat. The city is called the Botanical Garden of Montenegro, as the flora is extremely diverse. The region has good conditions for diving, including several schools, learning the rules of the dive and swim underwater. The purpose of the dive are mostly somewhat sunken off the coast of the famous ship

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